2018 Volunteer Leesa Jaeger

May 29, 2018 05:37 PM

Volunteer 2018 Leesa JaegerLeesa along with other district outstanding volunteers were recognized at a reception, see the video below. Here is a part of Leesa's volunteer involvement at Metro, taken from the district program. "Leesa has actively volunteered in the building this school year. She has been at and volunteered for all of our after school functions including open house, Barnes & Noble Book Fair, and Market on the Mount at Mount Mercy College. She has been an active volunteer with the robotics program. This has included her attendance at all team events and functions, volunteering during the school day, and providing food and snacks for team competitions. She has represented Metro High School while volunteering with the FIRST Robotics organization in several capacities during league meets. Leesa has also participated in several fundraising efforts and organized a fundraising campaign for the robotics program. Leesa is passionate for our work at Metro and has given of herself this year to support our building and its students. She is always willing to help when needed and strives to find new ways to benefit our students at Metro. See the district program here. Congratulations to all the 2018 Outstanding Volunteers.

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