Advisor Group

The heart of Metro is the advisor/advisee system. Advisor groups meet each week for announcements, credit and attendance check ups and more. An advisor check in, check out is scheduled each school day.

To improve the advisor/advisee system we've identified four key actions for advisors.

  1. communicating student success with parents/guardians
  2. problem solving when obstacles interfere with learning
  3. monitoring schedules to ensure progress towards graduation
  4. assisting with career and post secondary plans

2017-2018 Advisor Group 

Semester 2

Week 18: Congratulations graduates!, last day of school is Friday June 1, Summer School registration due in the Main Office, still time to sign up.

Week 17: Summer School Registration, Metro Staff Trivia

Week 16: Outstanding Seniors, Nurse Appreciation Week, Job Opportunities and tips on getting (and keeping) a job

Week 15: Attendance, Mobile Food Pantry, Congratulations to Theater students and thanks for another successful Blood Drive

Week 14: School Lunch Hero Day, upcoming Blood Drive, upcoming Metro Theater show

Week 13: Midterm reports, upcoming Blood Drive

Week 11: Successful Iowa Assessments and Wednesday Wellness, Gratitude.

Week 10: Elopement lesson: missing a scheduled class for more than 10 minutes = ELOPEMENT. 

Week 9: Review class attendance: missing from a scheduled class for more than 10 minutes = Elopement. Midterm is almost here, Good Luck to Robotics team at the upcoming meet, Outdoor Ed trip is in May with meetings each Tuesday at 2:15 in room 2, Iowa Assessments are Tuesday, April 3 for students with 9th - 11th grade credits- followed by a Wellness Activity Wednesday afternoon: bowling, skating, AirFX and more. 

Week 8: Chart attendance, State Speech Competition- good luck to students, Guess the Staff Person and have a great Spring Break.

Week 7: Attendance, Open House and Future Planning Event postcards for March 22, Spring Vision Boards Slides and Activity

Week 6: Attendance, upcoming Open House and Future Planning Event, Congratulations to Speech Class, LaVenia C won the district Heart Healthy bulletin Board contest, Selfies for the Lose Yourself in a Good Book Bulletin Board, see Mo in the Library, lots of job opportunities- talk with Curt, sign up for Work Experience, Mindset Movie Clips

Week 5: Quarter Mark of Semester (form provided to double check credit earning), upcoming STEM festival and Youth Job Fair

Week 4: E and I time and Metro Reads, Summer Jobs see Curt, Picture Day coming up

Week 3: Attendance, Mindset discussions and survey, upcoming Blood Drive, Work Experience.

Week 2: Attendance graph, work experience, Semester 2 Driver's Ed begins Feb 5th, Blood Drive coming up Feb 13, Are You a Respectful Person Survey, Congratulations to Winter Graduates. 

Week 1: Good luck Metro speech, Congratulations Jason J on Martin Luther King Service Above Self
Award, the Flu- take care of yourself and the clinic can provide flu shots, Tara has college visits coming up, Metro READS, Work Experience, reflect on Semester 1 credits.

2017- 2018 Semester 1, completed

Week 17, 18: Basketball, 2 Hour delay schedule, semester 1 reflection, update your Contact Info. 

Week 16: Metro READS equals LA credit, Re-Gift in the library, job opportunities

Week 15: E and I 2:15-3:00, Theater show, Anime Club, Market on the Mount, See the Good challenge, Bucket filling Activity.

Week 14: GRATITUDE activity, and a thank you for another spectacular Turkey Day.

Week 12 and Week 13: Turkey Day sign up, game plans and expectations.

Week 11: 300 credit system and 40 credit system, variable credits.

Week 10: Senior and family photo opportunities, Creating your First Adult Budget.

Week 9: Attendance and credits, holiday jobs, Are You Ready For a Job?

Week 8: Advancing the Future tours, lunchtime 11:00 last call at 11:25, in class 11:30. 

Week 7: Metro Gear, ChickenStock participants, 32 units collected at Blood Drive, Volleyball, Bullying Awareness. 

Week 5: Attendance, E and I, hashtag voting Yearbook class Ben and Gary, Blood Drive, ChickenStock.

Week 4: Power School permissions, ACT test deadline, Chickenstock, Blood Drive.

Week 3: CR2 refresh,Canoe Trip; Iowa Workforce tour; College Fair; Picture Day and Open House. 

Week 2: BitMojis for students and staff, Curt the Job Coach has opportunities, Room 201. 

Week 1: Welcome Back!, general info, Job Shadow and Volleyball opportunities.


2016-2017 Advisor Group Semesters 1 and 2 completed

Semester 2, completed
Week 18: Congratulations graduates, Summer school June 6- June 12, correct contact info.
Week 17: Congratulations Metro Theater!, Yearbooks, Metro READS prize winners, jobs for summer.
Week 16: Metro Theater on May 17thanks to all who donated blood, Metro READS prize winner
Week 15: Prom May 6, CPR May 10, Blood Drive May 10, Outdoor Ed video, senior events
Week 14: Prom Rules, Vaccine Requirements for next year, Summer School survey
Week 13: Ag Day at KCC, Iowa Assessments are done provide feedback. 
Week 11: STEAM is part of the Innovation Expo on April 13
Week 10: 2017-18 Vaccine Requirements, GYT -get yourself tested-, Wellness Activities 
Week 9: Congratulations to Metro Speech qualifying for the state finals 1st time ever.
Week 8: Open House March 23, Personal Data Sheet, GYT, Mike Gillette author of Mind Boss at Metro
Week 7: Springbreakstravaganza!, Eastern Iowa Arts Academy Guitar class at Metro
Week 5: Metro Counseling site, CR2 in the Clinic, another successful blood drive
Week 4: College visits, Scholarship meeting, Picture Day February 28, quarter mark of the semester
Week 3: Attendance, CR2 in the cafeteria, Blood drive
Week 2: Work Experience Canvas course, Youth Job Fair Feb 23, Self-service password directions.
Week 1: Metro Theater, Metro robotics and Metro Basketball Metro Reads feedback

Semester 1, completed
Week 18: Rotary Service Above Self Award Kyara Simmons, Kids Against Hunger Food Boxes.
Week 17: Registration, 80% attenders get first choice of classes, E and I time maximizes credit
Week 16: Congratulations Metro Basketball, 29th year of St Wenceslaus food baskets
Week 15: Remembering Sandy Hook, Metro Theater tie-in.
Week 14: Correct contact information is vital- inform your advisor or the Main Office. 
Week 12: Summer Service Learning Trip shared a video:Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Week 11: Tips on earning credit, Financial Aid Presentation November 15
Week 9: Mid-Term grades, E and I time 2:15-3:00, Jobs and a Personal Data Sheet
Week 8: Review of CR2, October is Bullying Awareness month a video
Week 7: Student Pledge Against Gun Violence hand prints and signatures.
Week 5:Intramural b-ball Tues. and Thurs 2:15-3:15 talk with Ben, Blood Drive Oct. 5
Week 4: ChickenStock community volunteer day, September 30.
Week 3: Attendance, CR2 refresher, 9-11 remembrance
Week 2: Graduation Progress Report, attendance and productivity equals earning credit
Week 1: New schedule, Metro Reads, new staff

2015-2016 Advisor Group Semesters 1 and 2 completed

Semester 2, completed
Week 15: Wellness Day May 27, Blood Drive 
Week 14: Childhood Cancer Campaign E and I time to earn credit, Metro Prom
Week 13: Earth Day Litter Blitz, Childhood Cancer Campaign Pie in the face 
Week 11: Summer Jobs, April is Get Yourself Tested month, Spring Outdoor Ed trip
Week 10: Metro Threads, GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)
Week 9: Spring Break
Week 8: Driver's Ed begins
Week 7: Congratulations Metro Basketball and Speech, Springbreakstravaganza
Week 5: DJ Mix class, Iowa Assessments are coming up
Week 4: Youth Job Fair, Women's Fitness, Winter Wellness.
Week 3: Basketball Tournament, Youth Job Fair, Paper Tigers at CSPS Hall and CR2. 
Week 2: Attendance, Guitar Classes, United Way Youth Survey
Week 1: Robotics Championship Tournament, Service Trip Fundraiser

Semester 1, completed
Week 18: Thank YOU for Recycling, Senior Send Off. 
Week 17: Registration for Semester 2, Art of Aces, Metro Robotics Match
Week 15: Reflect on Semester 1, Scholarship opportunities, Remembering Sandy Hook.
Week 14: Spring Job Shadow options, Theater Show, E & I time builds credit. 
Week 13: Turkey Day Prep, Attitude of Gratitude, chart attendance.
Week 12: Turkey Day Overview- Nov 24
Week 11: Career and College Readiness Night, Basketball, Work Experience on Canvas, 
Week 10: Career and College Readiness
Week 9: Especially For You Race, Open House, Volleyball ends
Week 7: Revisit CR2, respecting others. 
Week 6: Picture Day, Blood Drive, October Bullying Awareness Month.
Week 5: Chicken Stock all school activity.
Week 4: Chickenstock: September 25, link to ChickenStock video on You Tube .
Week 3.5: Chickenstock,Phoenix Student Council applications, CR2 field trip reminders.
Week 3: 9-11 Remembrance, TED talks and StoryCorps
Week 1: Graduation progress reports, School Bus schedules.