Advisor Group

The heart of Metro is the advisor/advisee system. Advisor group meets each week for announcements, credit and attendance checks and more. Metro's daily schedule begins with an advisor check in during Credit Recovery.  

To improve the advisor/advisee system we've identified four key actions for advisors.

  1. communicating student success with parents/guardians
  2. problem solving when obstacles interfere with learning
  3. monitoring schedules to ensure progress towards graduation
  4. assisting with career and post secondary plans


2019- 2020 Advisor Group semesters 1 and 2 


2018- 2019 Advisor Group Semesters 1 and 2
Semester 2 completed
Week 12: Blood drive rescheduled
Week 11: Revolution in the Streets, Snow Day make up schedules and adjustments
Week 10: Future Ready Night, Open House
Weeks 6-9: Picture day retake, Basketball finishing up
Week 5: Work Experience for Semester 2, Winter Graduation video
Weeks 2-4 3: Gear Up ACT at no cost, Work Experience for Semester 2, Winter Graduation video
Week 1: New Semester, reflecting on attendance and credit in Semester 1, updating contact information
Semester 1 completed
Week 19: New Semester, New Year, upcoming schedule, Metro Theater video on You Tube
Week 18: Lots of Shout Outs, Pre-registration, 
Weeks 14, 15, 16: Metro WRAP Wellness Recovery Action Plan 
Week 13: Thanksgiving dinner preparation, lots of Shout Outs
Week 12: Theatre rehearsals, Lunch With the Counselor, Tara's college visits, 2 dozen Shout Outs!
Week 11: Basketball meeting, New for Quarter 2 Zero Hour replacing Metro Reads
Week 10: Quarter 2 begins, November 1 Review Night, attendance charts
Week 9: Attendance, upcoming end of quarter and Review Night
Week 8: Attendance, Advancing the Future Tours next week, Are You Ready For a Job?
Week 7: Lots of Shout Outs, October is bullying awareness month, Crumpled Paper Activity
Week 6: Chickenstock rescheduled for spring due to weather
Week 5: E and I time, Work Experience details and sign up, Attendance graphing
Week 4: Upcoming Blood Drive, Chickenstock, Apprenticeships presentation
Week 3: Outdoor Ed canoe trip, vaccine requirements, Picture Day, Metro's Core Values CR2
Week 2: Eastern Iowa Arts Hip Hop, Attendance graph, Metro Reads, credit earning details
Week 1: Welcome Back!, General Info