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Scholarships: Planning on graduating this year?  

Look for updated scholarship information here. Please do not think you cannot afford to get post-secondary training after high school. There are many ways to get free money to pay for it. Check out the links below for scholarships and check the Metro High School Counseling Main Site periodically for scholarships through Metro that you can apply for.  

ICAN Scholarship Search Database: Iowa College Access Network Scholarship Search Database gives you access to five different search databases to tailor your scholarship searches by different criteria.

2016-2017 General Announcements

April: Americorps visits Metro Wednesday, April 12 at 10:30. Kirkwood Ag Day is coming up on May 16th. A group of students attended Advanced Manufacturing/Engineering Day. They toured companies including Quaker Oats and ADM. 

March: tours to Cornell College, Quaker Oats; scholarship and career fairs; finalizing plans for Kirkwood Linn Regional Academy class next year, senior ACT testing this year and much more. This week is the final week of Prep to Grad meeting as a class. Students are finalizing their coursework this week.

Week of February 13-17: This week we are working on personal essays/scholarship essays/scholarships.  We also toured the Solid Waste Agency with Chuck's class and learned about careers available there (laborers, operators--unionized and non-union, as well as some of the internal positions that keep the place running).  Very informative!  

Next week we will be finishing up those personal essays, visiting Mount Mercy on Tuesday, St. Luke's on Wednesday, and then work with financial literacy/hiring/firing/interview process (Luke from Toyota Financial) on Thursday.   

Work Experience and earning credit

  • Forms are outside room 130.
  • Sign up forms need to be turned in by February 24th. If the form is not turned in by the 24th no credit can be earned.
  • Verification forms are tuned in at the end of the semester to earn half a semester's credit.  
  • The Canvas course starts March 20th and lasts for nine weeks.  Students earn the rest of the credit by completing this Canvas course.
  • Talk with Tara if you have questions.

Week of Jan 30-Feb 3: Creating Futures/Iowa Works presentation on Tuesday, Coe College visit on Thursday. Classwork consisted of using our personality assessments to discuss what motivates us, talk of generations (and what motivates/affects different generations), and we started using K Navigator today (students took the first career assessment and responded to their results via Canvas).  Upcoming: a visit to Jones Hall at Kirkwood and a University of Iowa tour. 

Week of Jan 23-27: 16 Personalities Test (based on Myers-Briggs and Jung theories) Color Code Personalities Test (how we make sense of life's relationships/conflicts) Job Corps visit from the Cedar Rapids representative. A big part of the class is saving coursework into a digital form: One Drive, Google Drive, etc and maintaining updated information. After graduation students have everything they may need for networking purposes, obtaining a job, applying to a school/program, etc.  

Future Ready Iowa Center at Metro

Metro received a $15,000 grant from the Giacolleto Foundation to design and implement a new Future Ready Iowa Center for students and their career, college planning. Counselor Tara McLaughlin and Dr. Carlos Grant collaborated on the project.

The grant award will provide Metro students with greater access to career training, job shadowing experiences, and employability skills; and ensures reliable transportation for job site visits, college visits and shadowing opportunities. Currently a double block (9 week) course is added to the 2016-2017 schedule. Check back for more details as we get closer to the start of school. Read more about Future Ready Iowa, an initiative by Governor Terry Branstad, here.

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