Metro basketball 2014


Coach: Chuck Tonelli

Assistant Coach: Ben Sparboe

Metro volleyball

Metro Volleyball

Coach: Dawn Bouzek



​Volleyball 2016

Metro volleyball hands in

Metro Team Members: Kaylisha Lucas, Jazzmin Martens, Tierney Pollard, Maddy Price, Mariona Walker and Jessi Waller. Metro Coaches: Dawn Bouzek and Erin Payne-Christiansen.

Volleyball practices began on August 29, 2016 with the final match on October 11, 21016 against Iowa City’s Tate Alternative. From the first practice until the final games the coaches were impressed with the sportsmanship and support demonstrated by players, and the skills learned through the season.
The team's final events are the Awards Banquet at Metro and the University of Iowa Volleyball match, both in October. Congratulations to the team and coaches on another successful season.
Volleyball 2015

Volleyball 2015 collage

Metro Team Members: Ashley Packingham, Bailee Holmquist, Brandy Packingham, Brenda Curd, Brianna Owens, CeCe Roddy, Dorian Erbes, Heather Spooner, Isabel Herman, Jessi Waller, Leslie Leyva, Lexi Callahan, Mariona Walker, Kaylisha Lucas, Shaleah Walls, Tasia Hepker, Tierney Pollard.

The 2015 season ended October 29 with a Staff Scrimmage and a Volleyball Banquet. The team and coaches, Dawn Bouzek and Erin Payne-Christiansen, began after school practices on August 31. On September 3, for the first time ever, Metro's team held a volleyball clinic for alternative schools. Metro, Compass and Tate high schools participated.

Other competing high school teams were Mt Pleasant, the Comets and Pathways Christian. The October 29 Staff Scrimmage is a fun way to end the season, the banquet gives the team recognition for their awesome achievements.

From the coaches and team: THANK YOU SO MUCH TO OUR CHILDCARE VOLUNTEERS: Karie, Sarah S, Gail, Chris K, Chris ES, Malinda, Mary V, Heather, Sarah C, Sara G!!!


Volleyball 2014

Metro volleyball team 2014

Team Members: Abbey Appleby, Lexi Callahan, Jaden DeBurger, Kimbry Lekin, Ashley Packingham, Brandy Packingham, Kyra St Germain, Mariona Walker, Jessi Waller.

Metro’s Coaches: Dawn Bouzek, Abbie Parker, Erin Payne-Christiansen.

Abbie Parker joined as a coach while student teaching at Metro. Abbie commented on the season, “I played volleyball in high school, and it has always been one of my favorite sports. Coaching this season at Metro has been a great experience for me; the girls have really come together as a team, and it has been a real pleasure to get to know them all so well. It has been so much fun to watch them play and improve together as a team throughout the season.”

Metro Basketball 

Basketball 2016-17

Metro basketball team 2016 2017

The 2016-17 Metro Basketball season began with after school practices, the first on November 14. All practices and home games are held at Jane Boyd, right up the street from Metro. This season the team had a number of away games with the first home game Friday, January 13. From Coach Chuck Tonelli, "It was a great crowd at our first home game and we hope to keep that up."

This year the coaches added MVP recognitions. The MVPs, Most Valuable Players, were chosen through teacher nomination and coach selection. MVPs are recognized for performing well on and off the court.

Basketball 2015-16


The Metro Basketball 2015-2016 season started off with an informational meeting (required!). After school practice was held at Jane Boyd from 3:30 to 5:00, Monday - Thursday with no practice on Fridays. Coaches Ben Sparboe and Chuck Tonelli expressed a heartfelt thank you to the team and fans. The coaches commented on the team pulling together and keeping the focus on support and sportsmanship.