Library and Online Tools

Library and Online Resources

Metro's library contains about 5000 books. Stop by the library to see all these books or use the online catalog to search for a specific book. 

The library has MackinVIA eBooks and audio books. Students can read or listen at home, on the bus or at Metro using a tablet, phone or computer. The GWAEA online resource username and password is required. Get this from Metro staff.

Metro's Library has a non-fiction and fiction section and some smaller collections such as graphic novels and the Bluford Series. Biographies are kept in the non-fiction section. Metro uses the Dewey Decimal system to organize or shelve books. All library books have a call number on the book's spine- the call number identifies the book and it's place on the shelf.

  • Non-fiction books are organized/shelved by call numbers 000 up to 999.
  • Fiction books are organized/shelved by call numbers that are actually alphabetical, the first three letters of the author's last name.

Non-fiction call numbers are defined by the Dewey Decimal System. The ten main classes are:

  •  000 Computer science, information & general works
  •  100 Philosophy & psychology
  •  200 Religion
  •  300 Social sciences
  •  400 Language
  •  500 Science
  •  600 Technology
  •  700 Arts & recreation
  •  800 Literature
  •  900 History & geography 

Fiction is shelved or arranged alphabetically by author's last name-only the first three letters. For example at the beginning of the fiction section books by Douglas Adams have the call numbers FIC Ada. In the middle of the fiction section books by Walter Dean Meyers have the call numbers FIC Mey. At the end of the fiction section books by Markus Zusak have the call numbers FIC Zus.

Online Resources and Databases and Technology Information

Questions about any of this? see Kirstin in 109, by the gym.

Grant Wood AEA Online Resources: Free and unlimited access at home, work or school. These resources require a log in and password, get this from Metro staff. The Grant Wood Area Education Agency arranges these resources for students and staff of the Cedar Rapids Community School District.

Additional Resources

If you are tired of Google try these other Search Engines: Bing Dogpile FactBites Sweet Search

General Research

The Library of Congress: world’s largest library
National Archives: The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence
The Internet Archive: Universal access to all knowledge
Encyclopedia of Life: online database of every species known
The World Digital Library: searchable by country, time period and more
Wikipedia: ”The free encyclopedia that Anyone can edit.”
Occupational Outlook: everything you need to know about jobs
US Census Bureau: from colonial times to present, data galore, print on demand

Books and Reading

Reading Rants: featuring out of the ordinary book lists for teens
Guys Read: for guys who love to read, or not
Teen Ink: writing by and for teens since 1989
Project Gutenberg: the original producer of free ebooks literature, reference & verse American poets and contemporary poetry

Words and Writing and Citing

OWL: Purdue University Online Writing Lab for grades 7-12
Easy Bib: The Automatic Bibliography & Citation Maker
Visuwords: online graphical dictionary
Rhyming Dictionary