Senior KaMaiya Fox loves reading

April 13, 2017 07:57 AM

When KaMaiya enrolled at Metro in 2015, she and her advisor Jeff worked out a graduation plan that included a lot of required English Language Arts (ELA) credits. Kamaiya could read well, but didn't enjoy it so struggled with ELA course work and earning credits. 

Miss_FoxFrom Jeff, "KaMaiya had hated reading, or at least the idea of reading, but realized that reading was a necessary part of preparing for life after high school.  We (Jeff and KaMaiya) decided to enroll her in a reading workshop class that would allow her to read different types of books with the hope that she would become a more confident reader." 

In the Reading Workshop class with Ben, KaMaiya discovered the Bluford Series and read several of the books. KaMaiya was also enrolled in the Learning Center with Staci. 

Staci's Learning Center class has a traditional and audio library with books proven to draw in reluctant readers. One popular author is Sharon Draper. KaMaiya read Draper's The Battle of Jericho, then finished the series within weeks. Staci commented, "Once she started I couldn't get her to put the book down. She even wanted the next book in the series so she checked it out from the public library. Her excitement to read was awesome!" 

KaMaiya is graduating from high school on May 24, 2017 and is proud of what she's accomplished. "I feel like I did what was needed to graduate. With my library card I check out books and sometimes audio books. I love reading and never thought I would say that."

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