STEAM Academy

STEAM = Science Technology Engineering Art and Math

STEAM logo 

Metro STEAM Academy's official opening was August 2015. Using science, technology, art and math, students research, design, write, present, collaborate, network and measure their own success. STEAM ended the school year with a second weather balloon launch. 

STEAM partners with Iowa BIG, the University of Iowa’s Jacobsen Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship and other local and state community organizations.

Five specific areas make up the new STEAM space: a science and engineering lab, a wood shop, an incubator space, an exhibition & presentation space and a commercial kitchen. 

These new STEAM spaces physically change the learning environment from a traditional teacher-centered classroom (with rows of tables and chairs) into hands-on learning spaces focused on student interests and boosting skills needed for both post-secondary education and the 21st century workforce.

The first semester of the project-based curriculum will enroll 60 Metro High School students guided by four Metro staff. STEAM program success will be measured using attendance data, credits earned, graduation rates and student's achievement of standards. 

STEAM grew out of a few classes and projects including MetroMade and Metro Robotics.