Ashleigh Steil, School Resource Officer

Officer Ashleigh Steil is in her 2nd year as Metro's School Resource Officer (SRO) and her 11th year as a police officer. Ashleigh grew up in Cedar Rapids and graduated from Jefferson High School. At college she majored in Criminal Justice, with minors in Psychology and Sociology. After graduation Ashleigh entered the Police Academy and then started her career as a police officer which was her dream job since 3rd grade. At her job Ashleigh was always looking for ways to work within the CR community and the SRO position seemed a perfect fit. Ashleigh was the SRO at Jefferson and when a spot opened at Metro, Ashleigh applied for and got the job. 

From Ashleigh, "I know that much of the time when kids and people in general are dealing with law enforcement, it usually isn't stemming from something positive. So, to be able to chat with my students about everyday things, joke around with them, be an informal counselor when they need an ear to listen and just by letting them know that police officers are more than the uniform and that we care and want to help people be the best they can be, is my ultimate goal."

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Ashleigh loves working with and being a part of the Metro community and positively impacts Metro student lives everyday. Photos show Ashleigh involved in different Metro happenings including Chickenstock and Thanksgiving Dinner. During National Police Week in May the childcare kids drew a banner for Ashleigh's office door. Recently Ashleigh, with the Cedar Rapids Police Protective Charity, organized a sock drive at Metro. Ashleigh collected 300 pairs of socks from the STEAM Academy, mentors and coaches in September. 

Read more about the School Resource Officers and Police PAL Program at the Cedar Rapids Police Department website.

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