Metro Phoenix Basketball Season 2018-19

April 7, 2019 08:50 AM

Metro Phoenix Basketball won the last game of the 18-19 season in overtime, defeating the HCHE Chargers 67-64. Players throughout the season included James Bell, Marquan Bickhem, Mickeal Davis, John Pease, J’Len Perkins, Kesan Rhodes and Sayvon Smith. 

The 18-19 season was like no other with many weather cancellations and reschedules. At one tournament the Metro team played three games shorthanded. From Coach Chuck Tonelli, "Despite the disparity in subs and the eventual inevitability of their legs running out the boys continued to compete at a high level and played with an attitude that represented their school and made Ben (Coach Ben Sparboe) and I proud. Following the games we had several instances from opposing fans and coaches sharing how impressed they were with the boys and their ability to play in the tournament with just 5 players".

Both Chuck and Ben thank the families, students and staff that came out to support the team throughout the season.

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