Our School

Metro High School provides students with a variety of learning opportunities to meet Cedar Rapids Community School District's graduation requirements. Our guiding philosophy is contained in our name:

Mastering Educational Tasks Regardless of Obstacles 

  • Attention to academic skills through a variety of learning experiences.
  • Development of life skills through problem solving, decision making and goal setting
  • Exploration of careers through job skills training and career exploration
  • Personal enrichment through accountability, an atmosphere of trust and the expectation that all are members of the Metro learning community.

Students enroll at Metro with a recommendation from the previous school's counselor or administrator. Once a recommendation is made students attend a parent/student information meeting then complete the Orientation program. Students receiving special education services must have the recommendation of the IEP team and approval from the District’s Special Services Administrator prior to enrollment. Visit the Cedar Rapids Schools district website for information on enrollment.

Advisors at Metro

The heart of Metro is the advisor/advisee system. Advisor groups meet each week for announcements, credit and attendance check ups and more. Advisor check in and check out are scheduled into each school day. As the advisor/advisee system has improved we've identified four key actions for advisors.

  1. communicating student success with parents/guardians
  2. problem solving when obstacles interfere with learning
  3. monitoring schedules to ensure progress towards graduation
  4. assisting with career and post secondary plans

Compliment the world a mural at Metro

Compliment the World by local artist Scott Takes hangs in Metro's main foyer. The mural was funded through a Greater Cedar Rapids Foundation grant.


Compliment the World, artist statement:

Every once in a while, we feel a colorful glow, only the world can give us. It comes, not from the earth, itself, but from you and me; a positive feeling of accomplishment that can come over us in several ways.

Hard work, discipline and accomplishing goals are a few ways we can experience this positive feeling.

Honesty, leadership and compliments are a few of the ways we can give that feeling to others. Lead your peers through school with confidence and respect and you will compliment the world.