Outstanding Building Volunteer 2018-2019

June 25, 2019 09:47 AM

2019volunteerbradmayBrad May is Metro's Outstanding Building Volunteer 2018-2019. Brad is a committed volunteer in Metro's Robotics Program. From the district website, "Brad brings a calm, engaging, and thoughtful presence to Metro. He is an excellent role model for young men and women by being polite, thoughtful, responsible and compassionate. Our classrooms often are chaotic, with lots of people sharing ideas and having Brad around gives teachers the opportunity to engage and include everyone’s ideas and really have a team environment. He is an excellent listener, asking probing questions and encouraging ideas. He knows everyone by their first name, and even this small detail offers our kids a sense of belonging and they understand him to be another person cares about them on a personal level. Brad has given up his time on evenings and weekends to work and travel with the Robotics team, traveling to competitions and helping the students problem-solve.  Our students have quickly accepted him as part of the Metro community and event ask about him when he isn’t here! Brad’s background with technology and small systems offers perspective and expertise, and in our classrooms this is a perfect fit. Some of our students do not have a role model in their lives and may not have someone at home who genuinely shows they care. Brad cares for everyone and is always willing to go the extra mile. Knowing him, he would probably say his contribution is minimal. But he would be wrong. Metro has had a long line of great volunteers; Brad is among them."

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