Technology Information

Metro provides desktops, laptops and tablets for on campus student and staff use. They're all touch screen. The laptops and tablets are kept in 6 tech carts strategically placed throughout Metro.Mo, in the library, and Kirstin, by the gym, can change passwords and supply usernames.

Student usernames: Usernames begin with 2 random numbers then some form of first initials and last name. If you forget your permanent username ask Mo in the library, or Kirstin near the gym. Beginning in the 2016-17 school year a student keeps the same username as long as they are a student in the Cedar Rapids Schools.

Student emails: Each student in the district has a school email account. Your school email is your username followed by An example: Jane Smith's username is 63jsmith, her email is More info.

Student passwords: Passwords have to be 8 digits and use 3 of these four things:

  1. a lowercase letter 
  2. a capital letter 
  3. a number 
  4. a symbol such as %&^*

Passwords have to be changed occasionally to keep profiles secure. Examples of passwords: Sh123456, CARs2324, !Octobe7.

New in 2017, the district added a self serve password option for staff, middle and high school students. This self -serve option was introduced to Metro students in the January 27th Advisor group Power Point. Users are required to register for the self-serve password option. Directions. Link to register. See Kirstin, by the gym, for help with this.

Connecting to the network: Students can access the district GUEST network on their phones, devices or laptops. Choose the CRCSD Guest Wi-Fi network. Log in just as you log in to a district machine with your district username and current password. 

Canvas from home: Open Canvas the correct link is on the Metro and district website. Log in using your district email -that's your username with added- and your current password. If you have issues logging in you may need to update your password or check your Canvas address.