Skip the Trip: Metro students take their driver's permit test at Metro.

This year Metro added 'Skip the Trip', a program that gives students access to the official DOT driver's permit test here at Metro. "We had been hearing from students about a lot of challenges they faced trying to get their permits, then when COVID happened, that just added on to the challenges. When we discovered the DOT wanted to partner and help address those challenges, it just made so much sense" said Kelsey Teeter. "It's been great to see how excited students are getting about this opportunity and how it's opened doors for us to be able to have important conversations about their future. Getting your Learner's Permit is a big milestone for teenagers and also a requirement to be able to take driver's education in high school." 


Students prepare for their test using flashcards and phone apps, then are able to take test with one of our building staff on site: Dan W., Jolynn, Kelsey T., or Marie. Parent permission is required to take the test for students under 18. After students pass the test, they just have to stop out to the DOT to get a photo taken for an official Iowa permit.


Once they get to the DOT, the permit costs $6.00 to print and the following documents are required:

  1. State ID with a gold star on it


  1. Proof of Identity/Lawful Presence in the USA (Birth Certificate, Passport, Certificate of Naturalization/Citizenship, Proof of lawful presence in USA)
  2. A document with your current name and social security number on it (Social Security card, Paystub, W-2 form, SSA form 1099)
  3. Proof of your address (Current state ID, official mail, Parental Consent form-if under 18)

From Jolynn Swartzendruber, "This is a tremendous opportunity for our students and eliminates one more barrier that they may face as they prepare for their future." Photos show a few Metro students at the DOT, with their permit.

Photo of 2 students with drivers permit Photo of Metro student with permit


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